WorkspacePro: One-Click for All The Apps You Need

Your MacBook [Pro] is a powerful device – there’s no questioning that. Yet, they don’t seem optimized for multiple workflows.

If you’re someone, like myself, you have different applications for, well different applications. I have multiple “app-sets” I use for different workflows (work, school, design, etc.). As it stands, my options to run every app at the same time, or open them when necessary – a daunting task if you use more than a few apps in a workflow.

This is the problem WorkspacePro tries and successfully solves.

Image via WorkspacePro

Using WorkspacePro provides you with an easy solution to your workflow problems.

You can easily, create group of apps using first & third-party applications. You can then launch these groups, called workspaces, from your Mac’s menubar at any time.

The application itself is easy to use, and super straightforward. With one-click you can launch or edit a workspace to suit your needs at the time. This creates not only a faster workflow, but keeps your Mac’s processing down too!

Written by Justin Rockmore

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