Unlox: Great Concept, Bad Product

As a big fan of Knock, the app that allows you to unlock your Mac devices by knocking on your iPhone, I was incredibly excited to test out Unlox. Before downloading I also found out that Unlox also truly MacID 2, just with a new name – excitment was certainly peaked.

Screenshot from Unlox

And yet, I was severely let down…

After waiting nearly 20 minutes on the screen above, I unchecked the option stating that there was “1 device not nearby” in the hopes that Unlox would detect my iPhone. It didn’t. Despite this not working, Next, I decided to toggle Bluetooth on and off on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro. No luck. My last resort was deleting and redownloading both apps entirely – and still…no luck.

Genuinely this app excited me and after reading a few great reviews and seeing that it was actually MacID 2 – I was ready to dive in!

If anyone has any alternatives to Unlox, I’d love to give them a try – and if anyone has any suggestions on how to potentially fix this error, I’d also be more than willing to test them out!

Rating: 2/10

Written by Justin Rockmore

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