Top 8 iPad Pro Accessories To Improve Your Apple Experience

The iPad Pro is a powerful, dynamic, and incredibly versatile device – but that power and versatility can only push your workflow so far…what can push it farther? 

This list could easily detail the more obvious accessories: the Apple Pencil, Apple’s own Smart Folio case,  screen protectors, among others – but we’ve opted to deliver you the very best list of accessories to improve overall workflow.

Image from Paperlike

1. PaperLike Screen Protector

By Paperlike

I know we just said we wouldn’t be discussing screen protectors, but this product from Paperlike is far from average. As an artist, it’s important to feel that you’re getting the same experience whether you’re drawing on paper or on a tablet and Paperlike delivers that experience to you.

The friction and feedback given by the screen protector are ideal for drawing, doodle, and even taking notes – giving you the feeling you’re truly using your Apple Pencil to write on real paper. Add to that the fact that it’s easy to apply and the unique protector helps to cut down on glare, and you’re faced with one simple fact: this is the best screen protector out there.

Rating: 10/10

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Image from Hypershop

2. Hyperdrive for iPad Pro

By Hypershop

Marketed as the “World’s First Dedicated USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro”, the Hyperdrive [for iPad Pro] gives you access to: a 4K HDMI port, a 35mm audio jack, both micro & traditional SD card slots and , a USB-A as well as a USB-C slot – all perfect solutions for optimizing workflow.

Add to that the fact that the device comes in either a matching Space Gray or Silver coloration, and you can ensure the integration between the adapter and your device is truly seamless. Not only will this device cut out the need to purchase several dongles from Apple, but it’s design certainly makes the purchase more enticing.

Rating: 8/10

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Image from TwelveSouth

3. ParcSlope for iPad Pro

By TwelveSouth

As an artist, notetaker, or even just a casual iPad user the in-hand experience of using an iPad is phenominal; unfortunatley, the same can’t be said for the desktop experience. That’s where the ParcSlop comes in.

Holding your device at an 18° angle, the ParcSlop strives to make the desktop experience of drawing, taking notes, and browsing the web more natural. Additionally, the devices built in cable management system makes charging via USB-C cable while at your desk an easy & organized task and the devices non-slip silicone coating ensures your iPad will always remain at the perfect note-taking angle.

Rating: 8/10

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Image from RainDesignInc

4. mStand tablet pro

By RainDesignInc

A great, and arguably more verstaile, substitute for the ParcSlop is RainDesignInc’s own mStand tablet pro. The mStand sports a design that allows for both adjustable height & angle allowing you to interact with your iPad in your desired position.

Unlike the ParcSlop, which is locked in at an 18 degree angle, the mStand allows for 0°-45° adjustments, and allows for your device to be used in both portrait & landscape mode comfortably.

Overall, the mStand is a well-built and excellently designed stand that can help to meet all of your iPad desktop needs.

Rating: 10/10

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Image from TenOneDesign

5. Blockhead

By TenOneDesign

Simply put, this is how it should be. Apple’s charging solutions have always had this strange quirk, they stick pretty far out of ther wall. The Blockhead turns your charger “so it fits”, allowing you to tuck your charges in hard-to-fit places and keep them there without having your desk, bedstand, or cabinet sitting 2-3 extra inches off the wall.

Blockhead attaches easily to all of your existing Apple chargers (both old MagSafe charges as well as the new USB-C charging blocks), and with it’s sculpted fit, it attaches securely (don’t worry, no wobble!).

Sometimes a small change can have big benefits. Turning your charger sideways lets it fit just about everywhere. 

– Blockhead

Blockhead’s own website states that, “Sometimes a small change can have big benefits. Turning your charger sideways lets it fit just about everywhere.”, and anyone who has used the product would more than certainly agree.

Rating: 10/10

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Image from Amazon

6. PencilStand

By Elevation Lab

Placing your Apple Pencil at the perfect 7° tilt while you’re not using it is the best way to let your Apple Pencil rest. The beautifully engineered stand fits right into the Apple ecosystem and makes for the perfect complement to either the mStand tablet pro or the ParcSlope iPad stand – helping to increase your workflow’s efficiency.

The PencilStand locks into your desk using a mounted suction cup so you can focus on what’s most imporant – your work.

Rating: 9/10

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Image from Amazon

7. DinoCase

By DinoCase

While the iPad’s design is both sleek and beautifully crafted most cases seek to cover that up. They shouldn’t.

The DinoCase provides the perfect amount of protection for your iPad Pro, a cutout for charging your ApplePencil 2, and a clear backpanel allowing you to show off just how beautiful your iPad can be.

Folio-style cases seem to be the current design trend, but very few of them allow for the front cover to detach and this leads to the inconveniance & restricted experience of having to find a way to manage the back-cover of the folio. The best part about the DinoCase is that you get a tough-rigid protector for your iPad and if sceeen protection is your concern you can always use a sleeve like the one below!

Rating: 10/10

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Image from Amazon

8. Audirex Waterproof Sleeve

By Audirex

At 13.5 inches wide, the Audirex sleeve is a great way to protect your iPad, and even your smaller-size Macbook computers. The sleeve sports a sleek form-factor with enough pockets to store any accessories you might need, including those listed above!

Sporting a well-padded inner layer loose enough to comfortably carry your iPad, and an external layer that is both tough & water repellent, the Audirex sleeve is one of the best on the market. The design is both classy, and helps you to stay organized, and should be a welcome addition to your iPad experience.

Rating: 8/10

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Image from Apple

Bonus! Airpods

By Apple

Don’t let appearances fool you! Exceptional battery life, ease-of-use, conveniant, sleek design – are just a few of the many ways those who have bought Airpods in the past might describe them.

The fact that your Airpods will immediatley connect once removed from their carrying case, and the fact that there battery life is second-to-none, should be reason enough to buy them! Even then, with Apple seemingly planning product refresh for the Airpods soon, it might be even better to pick up a first generation pair for cheap!

Rating: 10/10


As is the case with most Apple products accessories, there are always a ton of alternatives to those listed above – but if you’re one to maintain order and you like to compliment Apple’s existing ecosystem the choices above are more than certainly for you!

Written by Justin Rockmore

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