The Last And Final iPod: A Gorgeous iPod Touch 7 Design

Rumors have been making the rounds that Apple intends on refreshing the iPod touch lineup this year – but could, or should, it be the end?

The current iPod Touch Apple is selling remains somewhat of a mystery, still having a headphone jack and lacking biometric security – it’s a wonder why Apple’s selling it. Add to that the fact that iPhones now do everything iPods could and more and we’re left asking ourselves, is the iPod worth refreshing?

While details on the potential 7th generation iPod Touch are few and far between, the team at ConceptsiPhone put together an excellent conceptual video showcasing what they’d hope to see in the product.

ConceptsiPhone’s Design

ConceptsiPhone’s design adopts the notch found on the current generation of iPhones while making it significantly smaller (due to lack of ear speaker). Sporting a 7-inch display, minimal notch, dual Facetime camera with enabled biometrics, and USB-C – I’d be hard to imagine this final iPod Touch not making a killing, especially if Apple is able to keep the price low.

While it still remains unconfirmed if Apple is even refreshing the iPod Touch lineup this year, it does make sense for them to do so. Could 2019 be the final year of the iPod?

Written by Justin Rockmore

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