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The iClock – A Strange, But Useful, Apple Product Concept?

While Apple is known for its’ flagship products (like the iPhone, iPod , iPad, Macbooks) they do also produce a number of side products which are successful in their own right. Products such as the Apple TV, Apple’s line of AirPort devices, and even their new Beats headphones were widely popular when launched.

Their success has lead designers like Rohan Mandala creating interesting, and potentially innovative concepts such as the iClock. Naming aside, the success of the Apple Watch has opened up the opportunity for Apple to truly expand themselves into the time-piece market and potentially stand out in that market as well.

Render by Rohan Mandala

Mandala’s design featured below, showcases a desktop clock that would not only be incredibly useful in an office setting but could also be adapted to use in a kitchen, bedroom, or any number of other places.

In concept, this device would operate as a dedicated alarm clock but would be much more powerful – showcasing your daily schedule, recipes,, reminders, or even acting as a photograph display for any of your existing photo albums.

All-in-all Mandala’s concept is both interesting and well designed and I certainly wouldn’t mind Apple producing a product like this...would you?

Render by Rohan Mandala
Render by Rohan Mandala
Render by Rohan Mandala
Render by Rohan Mandala

Written by Justin Rockmore

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