The Apple iTie: Apple Steps Into the World of Fashion?

Apple’s done crazy and innovative things – but could this be to far?

Concept designer Tomislav Zvonaric seems to think that Apple should – or will – branch out into the world of fashion. Apple has always been a brand of elegance, and in the world of fashion, a tie is one of the most elegant accessories you can wear. That said, it’s no wonder why Zvonaric opted to base his design around how Apple might break into the tie market (although I’d much prefer tech-enabled cufflinks).

Concept by Tomislav Zvonaric

Zvonaric’s design consists of a tech-enabled neckband and a flexible screen that would run down the front of your chest – allowing you to sport a custom tie design for any occasion.

Included within the large flexible screen is the ability to browse and create different tie patterns to share with other iTie users as well. Zvonaric’s design intends to push bounadaries even further as he’s inevisoned that:

The “face” of the iTie’s bottom part is envisioned as a fully covered flexible screen with a little camera. Imagine having a regular Skype conversation just by bending your tie. And would there ever be a cooler way to take a “selfie”?

Tomislav Zvonaric´╗┐
Concept by Tomislav Zvonaric

While Zvonaric continues by saying that the tie would also make for a “cool hands free” solution for taking calls on-the-go, this concept may stray to far into the world of novelty for Apple’s liking – but what do you think?

Written by Justin Rockmore

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