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Stackable Mac Pro: The Rumored Modular Design

According to a source linked with Youtuber Tailosive Tech, Apple’s next generation of Mac Pro is going to be both modular and stackable.

The last big update to Apple’s Mac Pro came in 2013 when Apple announced what even Apple fans have now dubbed the “garbage can” design Mac Pro. This version, while powerful, left a lot lacking in the upgradability and modularity department for Apple fans. According to
numerous sources, that’s about to change and according to a source close to Tailosive Tech, Apple has a unique way of making that change.

According to the video posted by Tailosive the next generation of Mac Pro will include a proprietary connecting system of stackable modules, similar to the stackable Mac Minis as well as what can be seen below.

Stackable Concept by macsessed

Tailosive goes on to state that the only necessary purchase when buying your next gen. Mac Pro will be the “brain” module, but you’ll be able to completely customize your experience (whether it be processing, graphics, etc.) by purchasing other modules that will then be stacked above the brain.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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