Should Apple’s Next Service Be a VPN?

These days, most tech companies these days have one thing on their mind. Privacy.

This ‘newfound’ need for privacy has come as a byproduct of the now countless data leaks over the past few years. But is privacy a bad thing? It isn’t.

As noted by FastCompany, this year Apple seems to be discussing privacy more than most. They recently announced a new “Log In With Apple” option, to keep data secure (when logging into websites).

iCloudVPN, an Apple VPN Service

Michael Grothaus of FastCompany, also notes that Apple is already selling ‘privacy as a service’. A less-confusing VPN service could come bundled with Apple’s current iCloud offerings. This would not only make the transaction seamless, but also more-widespread.

Many people don’t know the inherent value of using a VPN service. Apple bundling a VPN service with iCloud would likely allow for access to a new audience.

I’ve used ExpressVPN in the past, and definitely see the value in integrated services. We were actually the first to mock up ‘iCloud Oauth’, before Apple even announced it, and we discussed the benefit of such an integrated service. I see the value in an ‘iCloudVPN’…do you?

Source: FastCompany

Written by Justin Rockmore

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