Screenie: Image Management for macOS That Apple Forgot

Apple has made a number of changes to both Preview and their built-in screenshot software over the past few years, but unfortunately, it still seems to be lacking. Screenie , which claims to be the “Image Manager Apple Forgot”, seeks to solve this problem.

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Installing Screenie adds a circular icon to your menu bar that gives you quick access to all of the screenshots in your system; think Finder – but dedicated to screenshots.

Not only can you easily drag those screenshots across your system, but you can also quickly double-click to open them in Preview and change where those screenshots are saved.

Setup is quick and easy – and Screenie allows you to change the dedicated location for your screenshots so they no longer bog down your desktop.

Overall, for $9.99, Screenie is certainly a productivity booster but also leaves a lot desired. In a number of places, the UI seems to be a relic of Apple’s late 2000’s design, and the added features don’t seem to outweigh the cost unless you’re a user who screenshots extremely often.

Rating: 3/10

Written by Justin Rockmore

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