Say Goodbye To Your Dock? Using Pock to Improve Workflow

There’s no question that the TouchBar’s addition to the MacBook Pro has been controversial. While in its stock form it may only be useful to a handful of people, Apple has left access open to third parties to implement their solutions as well; Pock is one of those third parties.

Designed to “place your macOS Dock inside your MacBook’s TouchBar, letting you enjoy your screen in full-size every time”, Pock lives up to its description. Not only does it serve as a great secondary dock as pictured below, it also – as you get more used to it – serves as a great replacement dock entirely.

Photo Credit to David Murphy of LifeHacker

Pock, like Bartender 3 and Airbuddy before it, is a feature you wonder why Apple didn’t build in natively. It makes workflow incredibly efficient. Your Dock is visible almost all the time and yet it doesn’t take up any space on your screen.

Better yet, Pock is far more useful than just helping you hide your dock – it comes stock with a number of other great features such as:

  • Badge Support – Fully-functional badge support so you will not miss any notification
  • ESC Option – A handy ESC button is there, so you don’t have to hide Pock to access the system one
  • Preferances – From preference pane, you can decide if you want to launch Pock at login.

(All features via the Pock website)

With & Without Pock (Photo Credit to David Murphy of LifeHacker)

The best part? Pock is entirely free. Even better? The developer, Pierluigi Galdi is currently working on updating the application with widgets – meaning you’ll be able to fully customize the dock within your TouchBar.

If you want to improve your workflow – give Pock a download here.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Justin Rockmore

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