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Pass2U Wallet: Add Any Card to Your iPhone’s Wallet

Apple’s Wallet application has helped to revolutionize how people pay, and how people interact with their cards in general. Unfortunately, the application only supports stores and brands that have built out their digital cards and not much else. Before now that problem wasn’t so easily solved, but now – thanks to Pass2U Wallet App and an in-app payment of $1.99, your Apple Wallet just got a whole lot more powerful.

Screenshots from Pass2U Wallet App

While any card technically works with Apple’s Wallet app, those without a digital barcode need an app to send a unique barcode to the Wallet app.

Case in point, my YMCA card. I’ve been a member of the YMCA for a little over 2 years now and every morning at about 4:50 I leave my apartment to head to the gym – phone-in-pocket.

The YMCA gives you a ‘convenient’ 3-by-1 inch scan card, but unfortunately, it’s easily losable and starts to come apart at the seams pretty quickly. I downloaded Pass2U Wallet App and was quickly able to scan the barcode on the YMCA pass, customize how I wanted it to appear, and add it to my Apple Wallet.

Screenshots from Pass2U Wallet App

Outside of paying to add the card to my Apple Wallet (only $1.99) – the experience was perfect and certainly something I suggest to cut down your wallet size even further. The ability to customize the colors & appearance of the card is a pretty great added benefit, and the barcode scans without issue.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Justin Rockmore

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