One Last iPod Classic to Say Goodbye to the iPod

Apple’s only current iPod, the iPod Touch, has very few (if any) advantages over the other products in Apple’s ecosystem.

While some have clamored for a refresh of the iPod Touch – like this concept here – others have proposed a different, potentially more profitable, idea. A retro collectible iPod Classic that uses Apple’s latest and greatest technology.

Thadeu Brandão’s design, pictured below, is just one of a few excellent examples of what this retro collectible could look like.

Thadeu Brandão’s iPod Classic Concept

The concept sports a number of new, useful features that would make this beauty worth buying:

  • Touchscreen
  • Apple Watch UI
  • 3D Touch (which could be substituted for haptic touch)
  • Compatibility with Apple’s W1 chip
  • Biometric security (TouchID)
Photo Credit to Ivan Chernov

What’s arguably more interesting than the concept itself, is the possibilities. Apple used to offer gorgeous, collectible, limited edition iPod Classics (like the Harry Potter one pictured above). I’d argue that Apple could take a similar approach with this retro device – release a yearly, custom engraved, ‘Product Red style’, super collectible.

According to Mashable the original collectibles are selling for insane prices – maybe Apple can cash in on their own cash-cow? Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and I’d certainly buy a retro collectible iPod Classic….would you?

Written by Justin Rockmore

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