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Modbook Pro X: macOS on a Tablet…But Will You Get It?

What if you had a tablet that ran macOS.

That’s the question that the team over at Modbook originally wanted to answer. The Modbook Pro X sported a 15.4-inch retina display, a 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 2TB flash storage.

Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2014, the Modbook has had strangely little media coverage despite the fact that it was such a revolutionary project (hypothetically...).

The original model was less than three-quarters of an inch thick & weighed in at less than 5lbs, something that likely changed as the design was updated to include newer technology like Apple’s touch bar.

I feel terrible for all the people Andreas [the founder] hoodwinked out of their hard-earned cash, its pretty obvious no one is ever getting a tablet at this point. It also seems more than just a set of poor decisions, as he continues to pursue further funding and investments from others for this project that is essentially in a constant state of production, updates, etc. 

stoneseeker from the TabletPCReviewForums

The product launched well before the iPad Pro was originally marked as the ultimate easy-to-use on the go solution for artists, animators, designers, and other similar professionals. The proposal for the product was that professionals could easily take their home-setups out of the office, and work on the go – while preserving ports, quality, and even overall OS feel.

In addition to marketing to digital professionals, the Modbook Pro X was also supposed to be useful to the general iPad market as well (at the time they would have been buying the iPad Air 2 & the iPad mini 3) as they’d be able to draw, write notes, and even link the keyboard/mouse/pen in a similar manner to the current generation iPad Pros.

The Kickstarter promised that this device was a:

It’s a mobile device. It’s a desktop system. It’s a tablet. It’s a notebook. It runs the OS X operating system but can also run Windows.

Versatile, powerful, impactful — the Modbook Pro X is designed to be all you need to create, consume and present content wherever you go.

Modbook Pro X Kickstarter

Despite this promise, and despite four years of waiting, however, it would seem most backers still haven’t received their product. Not only that, it would seem it took four years for them to reach pre-production.

On some level that makes sense, as Apple’s technology changed (the introduction of new colors, smaller components, the touch bar, etc.) the Modbook likely wanted to keep up. That said, it now seems as if they’ve completely abandoned their backers, buyers, and even website, with little new content being posted since August of 2018.

Screenshots from the Modbook Pro X Kickstarter

A computer tablet built by creatives, for creatives, the Modbook was (is?) an interesting concept to say the least. You can even still buy the older versions of the product on their website if you’d like – but ultimately, it seems that this is yet another scam of a Kickstarter project, promising far to much and not delivering.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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