Magic Mouse … Touch? Could This Compete Against the Surface Dial?

The Surface Dial has been one of Microsoft’s flagship accessories since it launched. The dial promised to help you “reimagine the way you create”, and to give you shortcuts in nearly every application – it succeeeded on fulfilling these promises.

Apple, on the other hand, has no such comparable product for desktop usage. Arguably the Apple Pencil is to iPad what the Surface Dial is to Surface Studio, but Apple has no skin in the game as far as desktop accessories. With an iMac refresh imminent (Check out this beautiful concept design) it’s time for Apple to rethink it’s desktop devices, specificially, the Magic Mouse.

Credit to Reid Parsekian

With its last true refresh coming in 2009, and Apple’s shift in focus to touch-based devices such as the touch bar, trackpads, and the Magic Trackpad, the Magic Mouse has been left to die…until now.

Reid Parsekian recently shared a truly innovative take on what the next generation of Magic Mouse could look like and while at first glance you might find it impractical, there is certainly opportunity in the desin he’s created.

Offering a built-in display that adjusts based on content on the screen is an ingenious solution for Apple’s Magic Mouse dilemma – allowing them to both remove a lackluster product (Magic Mouse 2) and compete with Microsoft (the Surface Dial).

Render by Reid Parsekian

In addition, to offering Apple a leg into both a new and old market – taking cues from this redesign would allow Apple to further expand the use of its touch bar technology – creating shortcuts unique to specific applications on both the iMac & MacBook Pro.

To put it simply, the design adds the convenience of trackpad gestures together with the simplicity that is the new touch bar technology – what’s not to like?

Render by Reid Parsekian
Render by Reid Parsekian
Render by Reid Parsekian
Render by Reid Parsekian
Render by Reid Parsekian

Written by Justin Rockmore

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