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iPhone 11 Concept Design Showcases The Best of Both Worlds

The latest iPhone leaks seem to have people excited, aggravated, and confused. Apple seems to be updating their hardware, but only to showcase that they iPhones have changed at all. Outside of the triple lens setup nothing seems to be changing on this years iPhone (visually). Same notch, same bezels, same form-factor.

Renders by Michael Mojica

Michael Mojica, a designer on Behance, sought to change that. Mojica’s designs showcase a modular camera setup for Apple’s next generation of iPhones.

You’re not forced to buy an iPhone with 3 lenses because you wanted to highest end model. Mojica’s designs allow you to build an iPhone custom to your own needs.

The magnetic modular camera setup allows for a ton of versatility. 1-2 lenses for everyday users, up to 6 for professionals.

Thinking even further outside of the [large] box drawn by Mojica – what if other hardware make use of the housing. Could TouchID make a return?

Renders by Michael Mojica
Renders by Michael Mojica

Written by Justin Rockmore

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