iPadOS – the iPad Gets a New OS

iPadOS – How Apple is merging operating systems by creating a new one.

Many people have been discussing the option for Apple to create an operating system that would merge the Ipad and Mac OS. At the beginning of May, we discussed the option of doing just that. Apple decided to take a different route by making an entirely new operating System for the Ipad – IpadOS. This new operating system is aimed at bringing the two products closer together.

Apple explains that iPadOS is built on the same foundation as iOS, but has become a “truly distinct experience”. The interface and feeling of iPadOS is designed for a larger screen, multi-touch experiences, and new gestures. The iPad, however, has started to shift away from the iPhone and closer to the Mac. In fact, Apple has even announced that iPad apps will be coming to Mac. These Mac apps will run natively alongside the Mac apps, suggesting that the two OS are starting to join closer together. Another example of the integration of the two products is the files app. Being able to store files on iCloud natively from a Mac and iPad suggests that the Files app is going to be the link between the two products.

If that isn’t a good enough example, Sidecar will win you over. Sidecar allows iPad and Mac owners to work on one device while you reference another. You can also extend displays, mirror them, or work off each other. There’s one reason the iPad sets itself apart from using a second monitor; the Apple Pencil. Using the Pencil draw, take notes, making up sketches or PDF’s will quickly come to an advantage to Mac users. This connection brings the feel of the Mac products closer to the user & we think that’s a clear indication of a combined OS.

To read more about iPadOS, click here.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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