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iMac with AirPower? The iMac Refresh Apple Should Consider

Apple’s last true refresh to their iMac lineup came in 2012 when the iMac shrunk 80% of its width from the previous generation. Despite the fact that in 2017 the iMac received a spec update (and was coined the iMac Pro) this Apple lineup has yet to adopt some of the many features that have become synonymous with other Apple products:

  • Minimal bezels
  • Biometric security (FaceID/TouchID)
  • Truly minimalist design
  • USB-C
  • Wireless charging
  • Touch bar technology

The features listed above are just a few of the now flagship features Apple has adopted since the 2012 iMac refresh. Lorenzo Mariotti, a digital artist, has now shown us what those features, and more, would look like if integrated into the next true iMac refresh.

Renders by Lorenzo Mariotti

Standing at 3mm wide, and utilizing built-in AirPower charging technology, FaceID, touch bar technology, and a number of other features this design is truly gorgeous and fits perfectly within the Apple ecosystem.

Imagine a world where your iMac, which is always plugged into an AC outlet, also supplied unlimited power to your Apple devices that supported wireless charging. Not only would this be an incredible convenience factor, but it would also allow Apple to showcase another true innovation – something they haven’t done in quite some time. Very few, if any, desktop setups allow for added functionality outside of just running a desktop OS and given that Apple is rumored to officially launch AirPower in Q2 of 2019 this iMac design is more than welcome.

Renders by Lorenzo Mariotti
Renders by Lorenzo Mariotti
Renders by Lorenzo Mariotti
Renders by Lorenzo Mariotti

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