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HomePod 2, A Segway Back into WiFi?

Apple released its last, and final AirPort Extreme Base Station in 2013 and since then has exited the wifi market. It’s now 2020, and a lot has changed. Since the world last saw Apple release an AirPort device they’ve released incredible products/software such as HomeKit and HomePod, made drastic improvements to Siri, and look to be pushing more accessories into the market soon (AirTags?!?). With those changes in mind, it may be time for Apple to re-enter a market they’d exited, wifi routers.

This proposal seems top of mind for many as even this week an interesting thread began on r/ios, linked below. Interestingly, almost every comment agreed it was time for Apple to re-enter the wifi market. Now, the question becomes how.

Discussion: With AirTags and other auxiliary products rumored is it time for Apple to venture back into the world of the AirPort Extreme/Express? from r/ios

As many Reddit users propose, there seem to be two clear paths Apple could take. One simple, one difficult.

The simple path? Apple should use an existing product line to re-enter the market. The HomePod seems to be the perfect offering. It’s been years since the 1st generation HomePod’s release and many have speculated a refresh is around the corner.

The difficult, and possibly more interesting path? User u/flekkzo proposes that Apple spawn a periphery company to produce supplementary products. Network routers, printers, scanners, etc. – all with Apple’s signature clean design, privacy, and ease of use in mind.

With the HomePod integration being the most popular suggestion in the Reddit thread – I’d like to see what everyone else thinks is a viable option!

Written by Justin Rockmore

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