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Bartender allows for you to unclutter your mac navigation bars. If you’re anything like me, keeping your desktop clutter-free is incredibly important. While recent updates to macOS have made it even easier to declutter your desktop space, using Stacks, the same can’t be said for the menu bar which follows you throughout macOS.

Are you a stickler for a clean desktop/menubar too? Definitely check out [the free trial] of Bartender 3

With Bartender 3 ‘closed’ and ‘open’

Bartender 3, like other applications such as Airbuddy, is one of those features you sit and wonder why Apple didn’t build directly into macOS. Once installed, Bartender lets you organize your menu bar icons, hiding some, showing others, and putting you in full control of your menubar.

Bartender 3 is far more versatile than just helping you hide/display icons, however. The application comes with a

ton of other features such as:

  • The option to show menu bar icons in the menu bar when they update, but otherwise hide them
  • Autohiding the menu bar icons again when you click on another application
  • Menubar navigation via hotkeys
  • Menubar searching (for anyone who has a ton of hidden or displayed content in their menubar)
  • Reordering content by simply clicking ⌘+dragging the items in your menubar
  • And much more…

The best part about menubar is the fact that you get a month-long free trial to really see if it helps to improve how you work and how clean your menubar can be. While I do think the price tag of $15 is a bit steep, the Bartender team has done a great job adding features in each iteraton of the product to help justify the price. I look forward to seeing the power and versatility Bartender 4 will inevitably bring. It seems like the easiest way to unclutter your mac navigation.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Justin Rockmore

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