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Apple’s Streaming Service Should Signal a New Apple TV

With this week full of Apple website refreshes to showcase smaller product updates, many fans seem to think the March 25th event won’t include hardware…I’d argue it should.

In late 2017 Apple announced their 5th generation Apple TV, a minor design update was made to the remote and the device itself was updated to support 4K video, it’s time for that to change.

With the Apple event set to focus on Apple’s new streaming service, there would be no better time to introduce a new Apple TV design. This new 6th generation could be built to showcase what the Apple TV has to offer, what the Apple streaming service has to offer, and update the overall design of the product to be more in line with Apple in 2019.

Concept by Sukhraj Hothi

Designer Sukhraj Hothi’s design, pictured throughout this article showcases a sleek, less hockey-puck-like, Apple TV made from anodized aluminum. The device, similar to many of Apple’s current flagships, would come in space gray, white, and potentially rose gold.

Concept by Sukhraj Hothi

With Google shifting into the gaming sector by launching Strada and a compatible controller, updating and ‘forcing’ the Apple TV into flagship product status makes a lot of sense for Apple.

While the Apple TV is fairly popular, it does lack a lot of the features currently standard on other Apple devices and is by no means one of Apple’s flagships. The starting price could increase from $179 if new features were introduced, but adding things like haptic feedback to the remote, potentially a biometric sensor to detect who is watching, and a number of other features would make the product incredibly valuable.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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