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Apple’s ProPods? AirBeats? AirPhones? Professional Over-Ear Headphones

There’s no denying Apple’s AirPods have been a success – and Apple owns Beats – so what’s the logical next step?

Martin Hajek and many others believe that the next step is a “pro” line of over-ear headphones. These headphones would not only be capable of wireless charging, similar to the AirPods 2, but would also feature Apple’s W1 chip – making pairing a breeze.

Concepts by Martin Hajek

While Apple’s AirPods are excellent for the average consumer, there’s no question that audiophiles see the need for better quality. These headphones could easily fill that need while also appealing to others who simply prefer the over-ear headphone style.

Apple has already filed for a number of patents regarding over-ear headphones so their development is likely – the question simply remains, what could they do?

Hajek does his best to answer this question within his design. Not only are his over-ear headphones a clear lovechild of the AirPods & Apple’s HomePod, but they also include a touch interface and Siri integration.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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