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Apple’s Bluetooth Solution for Wired Headphone Users

The accessories market is huge, and while Apple is dominating the wireless headphone sector, there are still wired headphone holdouts.

Concept by Sean Nelson

While it has been three years since the survey conducted below, it seems clear on some level that wired headphones are still incredibly popular – despite their restrictions compared to their wireless counterparts.

Chart via Statista

Sean Nelson, a concept artist, believes he’s found the best of both worlds in his design (featured thought the article). While Bluetooth adapters aren’t uncommon, Apple has yet to design one that works seamlessly within their ecosystem – and that’s what Nelson has proposed. 

The device would allow you the freedom to connect your non-wireless headphones to your iDevices via Bluetooth, while still making use of Apple’s W1 technology – with the chip being embedded in the receiver.

While the concept charges via Lightning port, this type of device could eventually, and easily, make the shift to USB-C once latter models of the iPhone also make the shift over – truly integrating it with the ecosystem.

Concept by Sean Nelson
Concept by Sean Nelson

Arguably one of the best features of a device like this would be easy integration with not only wired headphones, but speakers you might have as well. Allowing you the easy integration the W1 chip offers to wireless devices, while also allowing you to play music via Airplay on sterio speakers.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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