Apple Steps Into Challenge Nintendo With This Gaming Concept

Apple’s been fairly hit-and-miss when it comes to breaking their products into existing markets. iPhones became the dominant design standard and revolutionized the phone industry, and yet the HomePod has failed to truly gain traction in the home assistant industry. While the latter of these two examples may be due to Apple focusing on a hybrid speaker-home-assistant industry, the point still stands – Apple can be hit or miss.

As a company, Apple has also impressed by creating a cohesive ecosystem between its products, while still branching out to a number of different industries … could gaming be next?

Designer Thadeu Brandão’s seems to think so as his design, below, showcases a powerful subscription-like platform and accessory set that could set Apple as a true player in the gaming industry. Take a look at his gaming concept below.

Thadeu Brandão’s Apple Gaming & Control Concept

“Control”, Brandão’s name for the app, seems to be a hybridization of both Netflix and the app-store, but specifically applied to larger scale games (you won’t be seeing Flappy Bird there!).

The design also promises a simple multi-player experience between iPhone users and potentially signals the end of the Nintendo DS experience.

Thadeu Brandão’s Apple Gaming Concept

Concerned about using a touchscreen device to play some of your classic games? Brandão’s also designed “Clips”, compact gaming ‘controllers’ that slide clip onto the side of any of your touchscreen iDevices. The gaming concept allows for gamers to turn their phone into a controller.

While it’s naturally uncertain if Apple will ever truly break into the gaming industry, Brandão’s design definitely seems in line with how Apple might do it. It seems highly-like Apple to urge you to buy an accessory (likely for a good deal of $$$) but not to entirely replace functionalities your iPhone & iPad already have.

Thadeu Brandão’s Apple Controller Concept

Written by Justin Rockmore

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