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An iMac With Surround Sound, More Ports, AirPower and a New Design

This past week Apple ‘refreshed’ the iMac. The internals were updated, but the design and featured remained [largely] unchanged.

Many, myself included, had anticipated that the 2019 iMac refresh would push the boundaries much farther than just internal spec refreshes. The last true update to the iMac came in 2012 when the redesign cut it’s width by 80% from the previous generation – many expected similar innovation in 2019.

Concept by Philip Martin

Chief among those who’d expected Apple to push their design, one step further, was concept artist Philip Martin.

Martin’s concept boasts a number of updates to the Apple iMac that are adopted from other, existing, Apple devices. According to Martin’s own design, “both the iPad Pro and iPhone X unleashed bezel-free displays. HomePod reimaged sound. AirPower & Apple Pencil showcased the full extent of wireless technology. This concept brings these aesthetic and technological advancements under one harmonious industrial design for iMac”. The lack of bezels is clear throughout the design and would allow for the integration of biometric FaceID secruity.

Gorgeous and streamlined, Martin’s concept features a multi-channel surround sound integration that is enabled by adopting both the HomePod’s technology – and it’s aesthetic. The HomePod’s breathable mesh material would feature on the back lower portion of the device, enabling extra volume, improved sound, and improved cooling.

Concept by Philip Martin

Continuing downwards, Martin’s concept features relocated ports that would allow for better cable management and increased ease of connectivity. One problem with the iMac’s current design is the cable run-off you get when you plug anything into the device. As the ports sit a few inches from the base of your desk, it’s incredibly difficult to manage the cables effectively. This redesign includes not only relocated ports, but also a few new ones as well; boasting: a headphone jack, Ethernet port, 3 USB-A ports, 4 USB-C ports, and a power port on the right-hand side of the base.

Concept by Philip Martin

Adopting a similar idea to another concept we’d shared, Martin’s also added AirPower and Apple Pencil-style charging to the baseplate of this iMac design.

Not only would you be able to charge your Apple Pencil on the left-hand side of the display, the Apple Magic TrackPad and Keyboard would use similar technology to charge while lined up with the base of the iMac. The base would also feature integrated AirPower technology to make charging your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods easier than ever.

If the iMac is set to get a true refresh later this year – I sure hope it resembles this design.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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