Top 8 Accessories for Your Apple AirPods

AirPods are sleek and incredibly convenient – but could they be more powerful?

Let’s take a look at 9 AirPod accessories you can use to maximize your AirPod experience:

Magnetic Neck Strap for Apple's Airpods
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1. Magnetic Neck Strap


AirPods truly wireless functionality is one of the key reasons consumers chose to purchase them over tons of arguably competitors in the industry – but having a cable tethering your headphones together can sometimes be extremely beneficial. Out of all of these AirPod accessories, this may be the most useful.

Yes, I purchased the AirPods to be wireless, but when really walking through the city streets or working out, I still don’t trust anything to stay totally put without some kind of insurance policy – i.e. an inexpensive strap to protect my investment

Amazon Reviewer 10sgal

Whether you’re traveling in a busy area or at the gym – a strap like this can come in handy. It’s also great if you’re one of those stubborn people who only put their AirPods in the charging case when necessary.

At a low cost, high durability, and as a great way to protect your investment and the embedded magnets make the purchase even more worthwhile. When hanging around your neck, the magnets conveniently hold the straps together to form a convenient “carrying necklace”

Final Verdict: 9/10

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2. EarBuddyz 2.0 AirPods Covers 

By Keybudz

When Apple announced their AirPods and made the claim that AirPods would fit the ears of most consumers – many people laughed the claim off. Fast foward two years and Apple’s AirPods have become a mainstay and while they do fit the ears of most consumers – you may find yourself in that unlucky 10%.

If you’re part of the 10%, or you just prefer a more form-fitting headphone, the EarBuddyz 2.0 AirPod covers are an excellent solution.

Love these little guys. Been using a few weeks and they really do help keep them from falling out of my ears. Not a ton of pressure either.

Amazon Reviewer spaceghost

While you can’t charge your AirPods with the EarBuddyz on, the benefits of their addition more than outweigh the costs. It’s hard to find any Airpod Accessories that do not have the same consequences. Not only does the improved seal mean greater comfort, but it also means better sound quality. Attaching the EarBuddyz to your AirPods is also incredibly simple, making the whopping $9 investment worthwhile.

Rating: 8/10

Image from Amazon

3. AirPod Skins

By GetAirPodskin

‘Thanks Apple! I really appreciate you offering color options for AirPods so I can match them with my Space Gray iPhone & Macbook Pro…’

If you want to stand out in the crowd [for the cheap], picking up a pair of these AirPod skins is the best place to start. While there are more expensive solutions, detailed below, these skins do a good job of covering most areas of the AirPods that are traditionally left exposed – giving you a unique in-ear look.

I’ve had plenty of wrinkly trial and error with previous AirPod skins from other companies, not gonna lie, but I pulled it off this time without a single wrinkle. I would say this brand also m

Amazon Reviewer morigami

While the skins can be a bit difficult to apply, GetAirPodskin is more than accommodating. Not only do they send a great instructional video post-purchase, but they also send you an extra set of skins! These skins are an excellent way to stand out among the crowd!

Rating: 7/10

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4. Wireless Charging Case Cover 

By Drift

Rumors have circulating that Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods will feature wireless charging. If you’re comfortable with your 1st generation AirPods – this case is your solution!

Everything about this case is phenomenal! The quality, the charging feature and not to mention the size of it. There is not much added bulk and I find myself so much more secure with this charging case.

Amazon Review from an Amazon Customer

The case itself does add some bulk to your AirPods, but the added Qi-powered charging more than makes up for that. Not to mention, the case itself is more protective than the silicone cases on the market and, much like the AirPods, this case features a charging indicator (at the bottom of the device).

Rating: 9/10

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5. AirFly Wireless Transmitter

By TwelveSouth

Ever been on a plane, at the gym, or just wanted to use your AirPods with your entertainment system? Using AirFly you can do just that!

Sit comfortably in your seat on a plane and hook your AirPods up to the screen in front of you for the first time…ever.

Great device. Simple clean design like all TwelveSouth products. Works well with iPhone and airport entertainment and seemlessly switches between the two. Having wireless headphones on flight is heavenly.

Amazon Reviewer Chad E. Meyer

Not only is the AirFly a fantastic problem solver, but the lightweight and sleek design make it an extremely easy-to-carry option. Boasting eight hours of battery life, and including a USB charging cable, the AirFly is the perfect solution for any frequent flyers or gym-goers.

The only arguable downside is the lack of USB-C or Lightning port integration. With Apple’s devices being primarily based on those two ports it’s almost curious that the AirFly’s, designed for AirPods, were built using micro-USB.

Rating: 8/10

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6. Waterproof & Shockproof Case

By Catalyst

Scared of losing the AirPods you just invested in? Worry no more!

The Waterproof & Shockproof Case offered by Catalyst is both a great option for protection as well as comfort. Featuring a carabiner clip, and tough silicone construction, this case is perfect for anyone on the go.

I LOVE this case! It enables me to have my AirPods handy at all times, without fear of setting them down and losing them. I chronically misplace things, but my AirPods are always to hand!

Amazon Reviewer Brandon Greene

Not only is the case waterproof approved up to 3.3 feet, but the construction allows for better in-pocket traction and the top portion of the case makes accessing your AirPods a breeze.

If you’re really looking to spice things up, they even offer a case that glows in the dark!

Rating: 9/10

Image from Amazon

7. Charging Station


If you’re like me, you have far more than one Apple device charging on your nightstand and we both know cable management and just organization, in general, can be a pain.

By far one of the best solutions has been this charging station by OLEBRX. Built with precision and functionality in mind, the device will fit right into your eco-system of Apple products.

Upon receiving this charging stand I was impressed with the weight of it, it’s metal and solid with rubber on the bottom to keep the base from sliding around.

Some things that also impressed me we’re that the wiring slides into each designed individual cable rails feeding each item you need to charge (Device, AirPods, Watch) and whats nice is the cables fit snug so to prevent them from becoming a sloppy mess.

Amazon Reviewer JW

Not only is the iPhone stand completely adjustable (feel free to charge with a case!) but the device’s built-in cable management makes organization a breeze too.

Rating: 9/10

Image from Gumroad

8. AirBuddy for Mac

By Guilherme Rambo

AirPods are a steep investment, but Apple has made their integration with iPhones more than worth the cost; the same, unfortunately, cannot be said for macOS. Opening your System Preferences every time you want to connect your AirPods is a far too expansive user experience for something that should just be one click.

Thankfully, Guilherme Rambo has created AirBuddy, an incredibly innovative solution that ports existing iOS UI to your device running macOS. Each time you open your AirPods case you’ll be presented with an interface resembling the one that appears on your iPhone – prompting you to simply “Click to connect” your AirPods.

Rating: 10/10

Image from ColorWare

Bonus! Custom Colored AirPods

By ColorWare

Costly? Yes. Worthwhile? Highly likely.

It’s been argued since the AirPod’s launch that Apple should have included other color options within the AirPod lineup – they do it with iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pros, even iMacs!

I ordered these July 31 and they just arrived today. 369 dollars. I’m really happy with the result and she loves them. I haven’t checked their website to see if their estimated delivery times have shrunk now that AirPods aren’t a 6 week wait.

Reddit User ellipses1

Colorware will truly allow you to experience AirPods colored to your own choosing.

While this will set you back about $300 (this includes the price of the AirPods), you’ll receive a beautiful, custom, set of AirPods and a charging case that you can use to stand out among the crowd.

Rating: 8/10


As is the case with most Apple products accessories, there are always a ton of alternatives to those listed above – but if you’re one to maintain order and you like to compliment Apple’s existing ecosystem the choices above are more than certainly for you!

Bonus – Checkout our Article on AirBuddy.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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