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AirBuddy: A Simple macOS Add-On for AirPod

The UI that Apple has built to make the connection between iOS devices and AirPods is both beautiful and, strangely, absent from macOS

AirPods are a steep investment, but they’re also well designed and incredibly convenient, and thanks to Guilherme Rambo that convenience can now be experienced on macOS.

macOS AirPod UI

Rambo’s product, AirBuddy, brings the UI featured when you connect your AirPods to your iPhone, as well as the battery indicator, to your MacBook. His software not only cuts down on the time it takes to connect AirPods to your Mac – you won’t even need to open System Preferences – but makes the experience worthwhile and familiar.

Additionally, while built for AirPods, you’re given the option to enable it for all devices with a W1 chip. This means if you have Beats Solo3, Powerbeats3, BeatsX, or other devices – you’ll be able to experience the UI as well.

Settings Opened via Finder

Once you install the software, or after via Finder, you’ll be presented with the settings pictured above. The settings allow a few options including, which part of your screen the pop-up will appear on when your AirPods are detected (left, center, or right).

You can also choose which type of devices will trigger the pop-up, AirPods, other W1 chip devices, or both. Once triggered, the pop-up will allow you to simple “Click to connect” your AirPods with one click and little interruption to your workflow.

Notification Center Widget

In addition, if you’re a frequent user of the macOS Notification Center you’ll be able to quickly check the battery of devices such as your AirPods or BeatsX in the ‘Today’ view – truly making the process as simple as possible.

Overall the $5 investment – which is a suggested price – is well worthwhile and you’ll more than certainly find yourself using your AirPods to connect to your Mac more than ever.

Rating: 10/10

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