A New Kind of Classic: Reinventing The Wheel

The iPod Classic is gone…but is it forgotten?

Marvin Oida, a concept designer, certainly doesn’t think so. He thinks the iPod Classic could make a return – and in a big way. A lot has changed at Apple since the last release of the iPod Classic. Since 2009 we’ve seen changes technology, procedures, and ecosystem. With his new design, Oida attempts to merge old and new. He brings a beautifully modern iPod Classic for collectors and fans alike.

OidaConcept by Marvin Oida

In his design, Oida promises to longtime Apple fans in proposing a new form of OS, podOS, specifically catered to bringing your music (via iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music) in the most efficient way possible. He further promises that this new OS will be supported by updates gesture controls built into the force-touch/haptic feedback enabled click-wheel.

The iPod Classic is here to make you fall in love with your entire music library again.

Marvin Oida
Concept by Marvin Oida

His design continues its modern innovations by integrating Siri, as pictured, above, as well as Oida’s choice to integrate the A12 Bionic chip. With processing speeds significantly increased and a minimal OS, this could truly be a classic worth collecting.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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