A Full-Screen iPod Touch: Just. Perfect.

With AirPower officially dead, it’s time for Apple to move on to bigger, and bettter, things. For a long time now, rumors have been stating that Apple intends on refreshing the iPod Touch lineup this year. This could be the last time they make updates. We’ve already shared how designer ConceptsiPhone might execute this final iPod Touch. Michael Ma has thrown his hand into the design ring as well.

Concept by Michael Ma

Featured alongside the current generation iPod Touch [above] Ma’s design is incredibly gorgeous and a definite upgrade. Featuring a 5″ liquid retina display, the A11 bionic chip, and a 12mp camera – Ma’s design also shy’s away from one thing fans have hoped to see in the iPod Touch for some time: biometrics.

Concept by Michael Ma

While Ma’s design clearly doesn’t showcase any visible biometric sensors (such as cameras for FaceID, or a home button for TouchID) it’s worth noting that Samsung has recently begun work on embedding FaceID sensors beneath displays – and touch sensors have been embeded beneath displays for some time now.

It’s entirely possible that these are both factors Ma considered when rending this gorgeous iPod Touch 8.0 and it actually ‘features’ both TouchID & FaceID – we just can’t see either of them hidden under the display.

Does it make business sense?

It may not be necessary to put R&D dollars into the production of a new iPod. Most consumers who have the need for the product already have an iPhone. There’s only a certain amount of innovation Apple can iterate before their costs become too high. After all, Apple has already released phones that are well over the $1,000 benchmark.

The case can be made that the iPod Touch is a less expensive option, but the fact remains that the two do not coincide. Apple may even be cannibalizing it’s own business by improving the iPod.

Written by Justin Rockmore

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